Thursday, December 31, 2009

Antara 9 Mimpi Nabi Muhammad SAW...

Daripada Abdul Rahman Bin Samurah ra berkata, Nabi Muhammad saw bersabda:

"Sesungguhnya aku telah mengalami mimpi- mimpi yang menakjubkan pada malam aku sebelum di Israqkan........"

1. Aku telah melihat seorang dari umatku telah
di datang oleh malaikatul maut dengan keadaan yg amat
mengerunkan untuk mengambil nyawanya, maka
malaikat itu terhalang perbuatannya itu
disebabkan oleh KETAATAN DAN

2. Aku melihat seorang dari umatku telah
disediakan azab kubur yang
amat menyiksakan, diselamatkan oleh berkat

3. Aku melihat seorang dari umatku sedang
dikerumuni oleh syaitan-syaitan dan iblis-iblis lakhnatullah,
maka ia diselamatkan dengan berkat

kepada Allah.

4. Aku melihat bagaimana umatku diseret
dengan rantai yang diperbuat
daripada api neraka jahanam yang dimasukkan
dari mulut dan dikeluarkan
rantai tersebut ke duburnya oleh malaikut
Ahzab,tetapi SOLATNYA YANG
telah melepaskannya dari seksaan itu.

5. Aku melihat umatku ditimpa dahaga yang
amat berat, setiap kali dia
mendatangi satu telaga di halang dari
meminumnya,ketika itu datanglah
ALLAH SWT memberi minum hingga ia
merasa puas.

6. Aku melihat umatku cuba untuk mendekati
kumpulan para nabi yang
sedang duduk berkumpulan-kumpulan, setiap kali

dia datang dia akan
diusir, maka menjelmalah MANDI JUNUB
sambil ke kumpulanku seraya duduk

7. Aku melihat seorang dari umatku berada di
dalam keadan gelap gelita
di sekelilingnya, sedangkan dia sendiri di dalam
keadaan binggung, maka>
datanglah pahala HAJI DAN UMRAHNYA YANG
mengeluarkannya dari kegelapan kepada tempat
yang terang - benderang.

8. Aku melihat umatku cuba berbicara dengan
golongan orang mukmin
tetapi mereka tidakpun membalas
menjelmalah SIFAT
menyeru kepada mereka agar menyambut
bicaranya,lalu berbicara mereka

9. Aku melihat umatku sedang menepis-nepis
percikan api ke mukanya,maka
segeralah menjelma pahala SEDEKAHNYA
menabir muka dan kepalanya dari bahaya api


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

JouRNeY oF MY LiFe (Episode III)

Meaning of Life

3,2,1 Krinnnnggggggggg!!! Here i'm now, in the boarding school. New environment, new people and new journey. Need to wake up early in the morning, go to surau that was 500 meter away by walking. Then, dress up and get ready to school. If you are late, you will be punish, "bumping" for sure.The worst part is "PREP" time from 3-5pm and 9-11pm. Sometimes didn't know what to do, we just chit chat, exchange stories and memories. But, no gossip aah. The even worst part is no more bedtime story. Owh DAD, please come to my hostel, to tell a story that can make your son travel far far away into the fantasy world.

One day at the hostel, i heard senior shouting. "bangun!!!bangun!!!". So, we quickly dress up in "baju melayu" and "kain pelikat" (I never wore kain pelikat before, but in boarding school it was a pleasure. easy and simple but only at dorm and to musolla).Most of us didn't realize that it was at 3 a.m. but i could saw nearly all of them wearing like me. except the seniors (form 5), they wear sports attire,even some of them holding a baseball stick. Owh my God. Now i realized, this is not qiamullail time but a "party Time" for the senior. Haha..Gotcha to junior, you need to stay up watching "tomoy", "Karate" or "aikido" with "baju melayu" and "kain pelikat". two students had been caught when they "fly". what a weird rule, if you been caught its like you enter the "royal rumble fight" with seniors and for one person mistake everyone will be penalize, but thats SAMER. So, that night we watch a free movie, with 3D.. the next two days, some of my friends move to another school. they cannot keep staying there.

"Bullying", "ragging" or "fly" its normal in hostel life. Lucky, i was close to the senior. so, i never been bullied before. I did "fly" with my friends but never been caught at SAMER. Whats important its to look around you and make your mission success.haha. its not worthed (tak berbaloi-baloi) if you been caught when you still didn't get what you looking for. The majority of students during my time "fly" looking for foods, went to CC, snooker and even karaoke. I cannot deny that sometimes the food at 'dewan makan" is really bad. even my "anak tekak" cannot tolerate it.haha.. "Ikan jacket", "bee hun hangit", "ayam yang kecik", owh this is ridiculous. What a lousy day! But, don't worry, everything can be settle. My beautiful stomach still can get yummy and tasty food. Just make a call. Mom, can you make "sambal ikan bilis kacang" for me. Dad, i'am hungry, can you bring KFC for me.haha. Usually, my parents and my sisters (owh, forgot to tell that i got second sister when i'm in Form 1) will visit me during the weekends. Mom will cook my favourite food and father will drive the car looking for a suitable place, frequently under a tree at the school yard. At last, 1 happy family at home..haha. not home la, 1 happy family at school.hahaha..

In SAMER, i have a lot of memories that never ends. "cikgu", "warden", senior and junior could tell the entire story. I learnt the important of life and how meaningful it is. More importantly, i learnt to become more man, more matured and more passionate. It is best to describe myself as the "adventurer" and in that adventurous journey i gain a lot of experience. For sure, experience is a best teacher. My journey at SAMER had come to the end when I finish PMR, but the memories there, only God can vanish it from my brain. With excellent PMR result, i got a lot of offer from boarding and even private school. At first, i decided to stay at SAMER, but Allah has answered my prayer to continue this journey. Finally, i move to Sekolah Agama Menengah Bestari (SAMBEST).

With my move to SAMBEST, my parents also bought a new house at RAWANG. Guess what the house number is??? Yeah, its true. eleven, what a co-incidence! So, now i stay at RAWANG (the famous place in Malaysia) but study at USJ.haha..Why my Dad didn't bought it when i still at SAMER ha? I myself also have no idea or maybe i have transferred my memories to him and made him fall in love with RAWANG.haha.(Just dreaming). SAMBEST is a well-known school. Most of the time, teacher will used computer as the teaching medium. Later, they tend to use white board as well. More easy, save electricity and save money.hehe.. This school is located at the centre of USJ, surrounded by beautiful panorama. so, what more? "Fly" la..haha.. Here, i experienced been caught for the first time by the warden. why? Yeah, because i didn't follow the rule. The rule said to look around you and make the mission success. but we all "selamber badak je" walking. Even "tak berbaloi" when we didn't get the things yet. To those who have been bullied before,life is like a cycle, sometimes you are at the bottom, sometimes at the top. so, when you become the senior, what you need to do is really simple, just "buli balik" your junior.haha ..

The most memorable things in SAMBEST is my principal. OWH, i still angry with her.. She intoduce a new policy "DO LESS, GET MORE". what a dull statement! We need to switch off the light at 11 p.m. Nobody is allowed to study at night and need to wake up early in the morning to "pulun". but, i never do that. We went to corridor and study there. yeah, SPM time.. later, she noticed that and asked the warden to turn off corridor light as well. This make us really annoyed. So, we sent a memorandum to her and afterward she consider it back. Yeah, women's heart can be melt with words..haha. Thats the secret of man!

In 2003, i sat for SPM exam. Most people said that whatever result you get for UPSR, SPRA or PMR is not important. It is just a ticket for you to get into the best, yet famous school. Yeah, maybe its true. Indeed, they claim that SPM is the one exam that will determine your whole future.Bullsh**!Mmmmm,A'ah. maybe this is also a little bit true.haha.. Alhamdulillah, I success with flying colours. However,deep inside my heart the 4 "wife" and 1 "husband" question (4W,1H) always bother me. What will i do after this? Which career i'm going to choose? How should I apply? When should I marry?opps.. Where should i continue my journey?

Friday, December 25, 2009

10 must read Words!!!

"I". AVOID IT.( al-Kahfi:34)

"WE". USE IT.(al-An'am:78)


"LOVE". VALUE IT.(al-Rom:21)

"SMILE". KEEP IT.(al-Najm:43)

"RUMOUR". IGNORE IT.(al-Hujrat:12)



"KNOWLEDGE". ACQUIRE IT. (Yaasin:2, Yusuf:2)

"CONFIDENCE". TRUST IT.(Yunus:9, at-Taubah:5)

Hope that this 10 words can be the friends or foes in THE JOURNEY to met Him..


FYP?!? 12 credit hours! What happen if you got A.. Wow!!!Wow!! and Wow! (eye blinking)
Almost all undergraduate student in every university has to come out with their own thesis.
No matter whether it is a lab work, survey or theory, at the end everything going to be evaluated.

This year, I am 23 years old.haha.. More surprisingly, I am also one of the young scientist now.
If Einstein produced a theory that make most country used it, even create war amongs people,
I am otherwise need to evaluate something for the beneficial of human beings. Guess what?

My mom suffer from serious diabetic complications, simply said that my family has a long history
of diabetic illness. With the knowledge in Biomedical science, I always hope that I can help them.
WHat a miracle!?! What a coincidence!?! Finally I got a chance.

I choose a title "Study on effect of selected Malaysian antidiabetic plants on adipocyte cells".
Thanks to Dr. Taher and Dr. Deny Susanti for giving me the opportunity to discover the wonders and
miracle behind Malaysian antidiabetic plants..

Sometimes, I am really frustrated with Malaysian, and the government policy. We always want to copyright
other people work especially the Western. We are left behind in the technology, research, even in the development.
Why not we produce something new? Why not they are the one that used our expertise? why? Why? Why?
I am sure that everyone aware on this situation. I really hope that Malaysia can go forward.
Lets this become the first step to achieve the glory.
Remember, "Yesterday is only a dream, tomorrow is a vision..
Make every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope".

Okay, back to the FYP story.. In this project I will used 10 Malaysian antidiabetic plants. Can you imagine?
Even my respective lecturer, Dr. Tariq was surprised and asked me to use just three plants. Fortunately, I still continue with 10 plants.
what a stubborn student?!? haha..
Among the plant used are andrographis paniculata (hempedu bumi), cinnamomon zeylanicum (kayu manis), lagerstroemia speciosa- leaves and stembark (banaba), momordica charantia (peria katak), orthosiphon stamineus (misai kucing), phyllanthus amarus (meniran), pithecellobium jiringa (jering), syzygium polyanthum (daun salam),and tinospora crispa (patawali).

I use cell culture (preadipocyte cell) that will be induced to become adipocyte cell. My positive control is insulin.
Basically, I will test whether the above mentioned plant can induce preadipocyte cell to become adipocyte cell.
The second step I will evalute whether the plant has antidiabetic properties by doing protein analysis. This will
then compared with insulin whether, it is high, moderate, low, no effect or toxic.

Currently, I am in the second process of the experiment and looking forward to present this great work in a symposium
or any conference..

To my mom, family, and people of Malaysia and also the "western", just wait for another few months.
Your son will be back with the remedies..Pray for my success..Insya Allah

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Orang vs Atok

ORANG KATA... enjoy sementara muda,
hidup panjang lagi, dah tua nanti tobatlah.

ATUK KATA....orang muda hidup memang baru bermula,
tapi belum tentu masih panjang lagi,
entah esok lusa Izrail datang menjemput.
AKU RASA...betul jugak tu..

ORANG KATA.. exams tu susah,
kena banyak sacrifice,
constant study... past year
papers.. etc.. etc..etc..

ATUK KATA... exams tu senang aje,
dah ada tarikh untuk diuji,
dah ada silibus untuk diikut,
kalau ajal..
entah bila siapapun tak tahu,
banyak pula tu peringkat ujiannya,
Munkar Nakir, Neraca Mizan,
tayangan slide...
AKU RASA... betul jugak tu..

ORANG KATA... have fun on your birthday,
panggil kekawan dan sedara mara,
berpartilah sepanjang malam,
make it a memorable one!!

ATUK KATA.. setiap hari jadi,
kita semakin hampir,
hampir setahun dengan kematian,
setahun lagi diberi peluang untuk beramal,
AKU RASA.. betul jugak tu..

ORANG KATA.. kerja mesti sungguh-sungguh,
beli rumah besar, kereta mewah, makan lazat..
baru hati puas!!

ATUK KATA.. ye ke hati dah puas???
dah cukup ibadah nak tempah kubur luas-luas?
dah siap kenderaan meluncur Siratul Mustaqim?
dah cukup zikir untuk santapan rohani?
dah cukup amal nak 'book' tempat Al-Firdaus?
AKU RASA... betul jugak tu..

ORANG KATA... successful people have a good time management,
ada bisnes di kl, new york, tokyo..
masih sempat berkempen untuk pilihanraya,
masih sempat melepas lelah di disko dan karaoke,
masih sempat pasang perempuan 2-3,
baru orang boleh respect!

ATUK KATA.. setiap manusia dapat 24 jam dalam sehari,
ada masa ke untuk sujud di sejadah 5 kali sehari semalam?
ada masa ke nak selak Al-Quran sekali seminggu?
ada masa ke nak jenguk ibu bapa di kampung,
sekali dalam seminggu, atau sebulan, atau setahun?

AKU RASA... errrr.. betul jugak tu

JouRNeY oF MY LiFe (Episode II)

The Miracle

Wake up son! time to school. I cannot imagine i have grown so fast. I have to go to school in the morning (Sekolah Kebangsaan Selayang Baru 1), come to home for lunch. Then cycle back to religious school at Sekolah Rendah Agama Selayang Baru. After maghrib,I went to the Qur'anic class nearby. Finally, time to sleep. Everyday, i wait for this moment. Yeah, why not? it's time for the bedtime stories. Daddy are the the story teller and I am the loyal listener.

10 years, being the only child, sometimes i feel happy, sometimes sad. Lucky, i have a lot of cousin and friends. We used to play together "police sentry", "guli", "soccer", "layang-layang", "konda-kondi", 'kejar-kejar", "gasing", "tamya" and "sorok-sorok" to name a few. However, deep inside my heart, i also want to have my own sister and brother. Luckily, my mom was pregnant that year(1996). I am the happy one, but after this i need to share my "duit raya" with him. owh no!

I still can remember that day. it was gloomy dark.. Out of the dark, my uncle came to school to take me and my cousin back home. The bell was not ring yet, we went back early. i and my cousin whispering, what happen? is something wrong? My uncle still quiet. Suddenly. he start talking, it was your brother. He drowned in your mother wombs. the doctor miscalculate the delivery date.. owh, masya Allah! owh my God,please help me. it this what you want for? My father fainted on that day during the "kapan" time. My mom still in the hospital, really sad. after 10 years they have a chance to get a second child. unfortunately, he died. God loves him more.

Allah is great, in the same year my mother was pregnant again. This time she really take care of herself. So after 11 years, finally i got a sister. She is pretty enough. I stay at Selayang at house number 11 and my sister born after i was 11. So, this make 11 (eleven) as my favourite number. One year has gone so fast, now i sat for UPSR and SPRA exam. Alhamdulillah, i got a very excellent result and then continue my journey to Sekolah Agama Menengah Rawang (SAMER).
(stay tuned for the third episode)

JouRNeY oF MY LiFe (Episode I)

Action lies more than words!Maybe its true that an action is simple to describe a things, still to put it into words its really beyond my capacity. However, I will strive to set my fingers on the keyboard.typing..hehe.hope you enjoy.
How can I describe my long life journey? Life is like a movie, and we are the actor/actress of that movie. It has a beginning and for sure has ending. What a wonderful life ...

A New Life

13 November 1986 at Hospital Kuala Lumpur..
Nurse : Doctor, a patient looks like to give a birth
Doctor : okay, lets go. we have a big job there.
: Mdm Aminah, relaks..take ur breath and try to push.. can you do it? Don't worry,
just have a little faith, everything going to be alright..
Mdm Aminah: okay, Doc. chaiyok..chaiyok..
Doctor : okay, push..try some more hard.push!!! push!!! push!!!
Mdm Aminah: Owh, Doc. I can't make it. just arrange an operation for me
Doctor : Team dragon, be ready for the battle
Mdm Aminah: thanks Doc, you rock.

After 2 hours.all of a sudden. uwekkk!!! uwekkkkk!!! owh, its a boy...
Assalamu'alaikum. Now, i am born to the planet name world. So, here "THE JOURNEY" start. Thanks to Mdm Aminah, at last i can call you mom.

I was given a name, Mohamed Zaffar Ali (MZA) the combination from three people ideas. After the operation i need to stay for 2 weeks at the hospital due to some problems. Pity my parents, they need to wait to get their first baby back.

My parents, Mr. and Ms. Amiroudine stayed at Selayang Baru, Selangor. Hence, most of my childhood life ends here. Day by day, step by step i learnt to crawling, eating, walking, running and also smiling.hehe..
(stay tuned for the next episode)